City of Quchan


Quchan; also romanized as Qūchān and Quçan; is in the north-east of Iran in Razavi Khorasan Province at an elevation of 1,149 meters above sea level north of the Shah Jahan Mountains. It is located south of the border with Turkmenistan. Quchan is connected by road to Mashhad, 125 km southeast and Turkmenistan, 100 km north. On 20 June 1747, Nader Shah was assassinated in Quchan. He was surprised at his sleep by Salah Bey, captain of the guards, and stabbed with a sword. Nader was able to kill two of the assassins before he died. A devastating earthquake in 1893 killed 10,000 residents in Quchan

Tourist Attractions

Shamkhal valley; omewhere not far from the border between Iran and Turkmenistan there is a huge and unbelievably beautiful valley called Shamkhal. The name comes from a village near that. It is located in west northern of Quchan. It is about 18 km long; going through many springs and falls within rocky walls which in some parts are 200 meters high


Golil Protected area: A beautiful area between Iran and Turkmenistan in north of shirvan and 170 km Quchan


Tabarak Dam – Quchan Tabarak Dam is a beautiful dam in northeast Quchan (25 km) with very airy weather and beautiful places


Tandooreh National Park Tandooreh is a national park located in the north east of Iran, near the city of Dargaz (about 140 km Quchan) and the Turkmenistan border. Rare animals like rams, Leopard and etc


Yakhdan Namadmalha ghoochan A historic building used with clay to keep materials from heat. This a beautiful place in Quchan city.


Emam Zadeh Soltan Ebrahim is Imam Reza's brother and beautiful religious building on the road of Farooj to Quchan (12 km northwest of Quchan)


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