Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering


Mahdi Sadeghizadeh

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks, Intrusion Detection Systems, Realtime Systems

Home page: http://profile.qiet.ac.ir/sadeghizadeh/?lang=en



Mohammad Rezaee

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Software Defined Network, Qos Routing, MANET.


Mahdi Jampour

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:Computer Vision (Face Analysis, Object Recognition, Object Detection, Image Enhancement) Biometrics (Identification, Verification, IRIS, Fingerprint, Face, Signature) Fractal and Chaos (Image compression, Image coding, and Classification)

Home page: http://profile.qiet.ac.ir/jampour/?lang=en


Malihe Javidi

Zahra Eskandari

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: cryptanalysis,  wireless sensor network security.

Home page: http://profile.qiet.ac.ir/eskandari/?lang=en

Seyed Hossein Ghafarian

Research Interests: Convex Optimization, Active learning, learning on distribution, Multitask learning.

Home page: http://profile.qiet.ac.ir/ghafarian/?lang=en

Issa Najafy

Research Interests: Information Technology & E-Commerce Engineering Software Engineering Technology Management Security & Trust

Mohamad-Hoseyn Sigari

Assistant professor

Research Interests:Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Signal Processing, Soft Computing

Home page: http://profile.qiet.ac.ir/sigari/?lang=en


Mahmood Soltani

Research Interests: Natural Language Processing(Text Summarization, Word Sense Disambiguation) DataMining(Frequent Pattern Minning)

Home page: http://profile.qiet.ac.ir/soltani/?lang=en


Malihe Javidi

Assistant professor

Research Interests:Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Medical Image Processing and Sparse Analysis and Representation.

Home page: http://profile.qiet.ac.ir/javidi/?lang=en




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